All hands on deck

It used to be that if you wanted to get everyone’s opinion from the Mind Candy tech team you’d just have to know which pub to visit after work, for they’d all be sat around a single table, discussing the day’s events over a well earned pint (or tea & cake, depending on your preference). Gone are the days, however, where a single table will seat them, or a single cake feed them, for the Mind Candy tech team hath grown to monstrous proportions!

Tech Team

Enter the first of many Tech Team All-Hands meetups, a chance for us to gather the entire team away from the hustle & bustle of Mind Candy HQ and garner their opinions on the topics of the moment. The team spent the day at the rather luxurious Shoreditch House, chatting about all manner of topics, from source control to nuclear bunkers. There were some excellent presentations on the subjects such as “Scaling services with Scala, Akka and Cassandra” and “Sharding multi-million row tables in a production postgres instance and surviving” (both of which will shortly feature as posts on this very blog).

All-in-all the day was a great way for the whole team to learn about what we’ve all been working on and help solve the next big problems. Getting everyone together once in a while really helps give alternate viewpoints on solutions and foster the great team spirit we strive to keep. Of course, the free bar helps too.

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