Meet the QA Team

With frequent releases of new game contents and features across different platforms plus associated marketing campaigns, Quality Assurance (QA) is extremely important to ensure that the software going out to the public is of the highest quality standard.  For this we have a bunch of tea-drinking, always smiling, board game winning, lightning-fast-responding, super-talented and friendly QAs at the Mind Candy HQ in London as well as some highly trained QA ninjas in other countries. Here I present to you the Mind Candy QA Team (and their favourite super powers).

What they work on
Favourite Super Power
Favourite films
Gav Chaudri Currently work on Payments and Bonus Codes. Pretty much done a tour in all teams. In my spare time, I grow vegetables and trees and ask lots of questions. Empathy / Telepathy Waking Life, Vanilla Sky, Elf, K-PAX, The Darjeeling Limited.
Akira Cheng I coordinate QA resources in 3 different countries to ensure all Mind Candy projects receive the QA-loving that they deserve. I teach BodyCombat(tm) gym classes and I’m a qualified personal trainer. I also LOVE traveling, exploring new places in search for new & exotic sweets. Mind Reading The Day after Tomorrow, Twister, Deep Impact (see the pattern there?)
Alistair Broomhead I write automated test scripts and integrate automated test tools I like writing code, playing computer games, and I’m currently getting back into Judo after a long break. Intuitive Comprehension (as in Syler from Heroes) LOTR, The Matrix, Star Wars, basically any good sci-fi.
David Higgins I have been testing Moshi missions as well as helping with some mobile testing. I play football, watch football and then there’s a load of geeky stuff… Anime, Manga and Gaming All of them! Who framed Roger Rabbit (First film I ever saw at the cinema), Big trouble in little china, Never ending story… (The memories are definitely better than the films)
Julia Brown I am currently working across the web and mobile teams. In my spare time I like playing games, watching movies, playing football and taking photos. When I get the chance I like to go snowboarding, diving and kayaking. Shapeshifter I love any good animation, superhero, sci-fi, or end of the world type movies.

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