Play Framework meetup and example code!

Recently Mind Candy hosted the London Play Framework Meetup group, where Guy and myself gave a couple of quick talks covering some useful parts of Play that don’t always get good examples / documentation.

Here are the slides and a video of the event.

Guy talked about using Akka actors to provide an asynchronous ‘task runner’ that we used to build our own web-based content deployment tool for Moshi Monsters. His sample code is here:

Mark talked about Javascript Routing in Play 2, which helps maintain the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle by keeping URL routing in the Play routes file and nowhere else!  This has recently been documented for Play 2.1 but did you know you can use it in 2.0.x as well? Mark’s sample code is here:

Finally – did you know that Mind Candy is currently recruiting for a Senior Software Engineer to join the Tools team? Click here for more info and to apply.

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