Dynamic-DynamoDB has been summoned!

Back in July, we posted about a tool for Amazon DynamoDB called Dynamic-DynamoDB that gives you the ability to dynamically increase and decrease your provisioned throughput in DynamoDB according to your current usage.

What you gain from using a tool like this, if you implement it correctly, is provisioned throughput in Dynamo that will ensure you have capacity when you need it.

Last week, we released our latest game, World of Warriors on the App Store, and, without going into the back-end systems in too much detail, we have a use case for DynamoDB in the game.

This is why we put the time into writing a Puppet module for DynamicDynamoDB which you can get from our Github account.

Since launch World of Warriors has performed incredibly. We received Editor’s Choice from Apple, and had over 2 million download in the first weekend alone, which made the game crack the top 50 grossing games in the US and become #1 role playing game for iPad in 80 countries.

As you can imagine, with statistics and rapid uptake like that you need have a good scaling. So did DynamicDynamoDB “do the business” for us over an extremely busy weekend?

We’ll let the following graph speak for itself. It shows our usage and scaling of DynamoDB from launch to yesterday.


As you can see, our provisioned capacity compared to consumed capacity took a cautious approach.

We did this because what we didn’t want to happen was for us to not scale up fast enough and then get throttled by Amazon. Obviously this has a trade-off with cost, but for us this was acceptable thanks to what we had learned prior to hard launch.

So what had we learned?

We’d observed that altering throughput on DynamoDB tables is in no way immediate. This led us to the conclusion that to get the most out of dynamic scaling and avoid throttling you need to scale up early and do so by a significant amount.

In our case, we initiate a scaling up event when our consumed capacity reaches 60% of our provisioned capacity, and we scale back when we go below 30%. Each of these scaling events either increases or decreases provisioned capacity by 25%.

As the graph above shows, this strategy meant that at all times we had significant capacity for sudden bursts in traffic, whether due to virality, marketing, or any other sort of active promotional event that might occur.

Don’t forget to download World of Warriors on the AppStore, we’ll see you in Wildlands! Let battle commence!


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