London PostgreSQL Meetup

London PostgreSQL Group meetup is a unofficial PostgreSQL community event happening quarterly. The meetup agenda is very relaxed but it always involves a lot of good PostgreSQL discussions over some pizza and beer.

The event is always open to everyone and usually announced well in advance through website —

Mind Candy had a pleasure of hosting the meetup on the 21 January 2015. We actually had a record attendance which was awesome; thank you to everyone who came!

We had two really good talks. First one was a joint talk by Howard Rolph & Giovanni Ciolli about key features of recently released PostgreSQL 9.4 followed by an awesome talk by Rachid Belaid about full-text search capabilities [1] (with proper deep-dive into technical details and how to do it) in PostgreSQL. Apparently you don’t really need to build a totally separate Elasticsearch cluster if you want to store documents and perform most usual operations on them; Postgres will do just as well! Who knew!

Howard talking about new key features in PostgreSQL 9.4

Howard talking about new key features in PostgreSQL 9.4

Again, thanks everyone for coming and especially to the great speakers and see you all next time!

[1] Slides available here

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