LFPUG invasion!

Last Thursday Mind Candy had the pleasure of hosting the latest LFPUG meetup!  LFPUG or London Flash Platform User Group is a monthly meet up of Flash enthusiasts who either work in the industry or enjoy experimenting with Flash in their spare time!  Each month the members take the opportunity to talk about exciting projects and new technologies in the field.  The night was a great success around 50 people turned up.  Mind Candy provided beer and snacks and everyone had a chance to mingle and chat before the presentations began.

This month there were two presentations.  First up was Rob McMichael who talked us through the recent breakthroughs with Flex Mobile, he showed off some examples of how easy it is to use the Flex API with mxmlc and the sort of components that are currently available within the framework as well as upcoming features in the upcoming version of Flex. The second presentation was made by Tink who told us all about Flex Navigators and he talked us through some very impressive work he’s been doing on some open source navigators.  He showed off some examples of complex navigators that could nest themselves within each other and produce some beautiful effects such as 3D cover flow. It was a great evening and a great way to meet like minded Flash enthusiasts!

The next meetup is on the 27th October and features a presentation on the version control system Git and the methodology of Designers and Developers working in harmony.

Hope to see you there!