Flash on the Beach 2011

Last month I went to Flash on the Beach in Brighton. It was the first time I’ve to this particular event and I really enjoyed a lot. For the few of you that don’t know, FOTB is an annual conference full of code, design and inspiration.

The three days in Brighton were full of inspiring stuff, like Carlos Ulloa new WebGL project, Lights, the Seb Lee-Delisle live experiment mixing OpenFrameworks, HTML5 and Phones, as well as lots of new people of the Elevator Pitches. Just check out the impressive main titles video created by Gmunk, creator of some of the FX for Tron Legacy.

Adobe showed some of the new stuff like EDGE, a Flash-like productivity tool to create HTML 5 canvas animations, and talked about Molehill/Stage 3D. They also talked about a new hardware accelerated framework for 2D animation in Flash recently released under the name of Starling. But all that doesn’t mean that that the “Flash is over” controversy wasn’t in the air, just check out the slide of Adobe’s official position on the question “When must I use Flash and when not?”.

Adobe posture on the Flash-HTML debate

Adobe posture on the Flash-HTML debate

Remy Sharp talked about this question too in “HTML5: Where Flash isn’t needed anymore”. He spoke about the fallback solutions when some features don’t work (usually using Flash), support of different parts of the specification in different browsers/platforms and the pitfalls that we will find on our path embracing this new standard.

In the closing speech John Davey, the creator and main organiser of the event, revealed that this is going to be the last Flash on the Beach! But don’t panic yet! It’s just a change of title and (maybe) format, to allow the conference to not be related with a single technology (i.e. the Flash platform) and be more based on design and creative coding (maybe something like the move of Flash Belt to The Eyeo Festival?)

Of course I’m leaving out a lot of things, like the interesting chat about kids games playability done by Jon Howard, or the demos of the new Away 3D using the new Stage 3D API, so don’t forget to check out the list of speakers and check out their individual sites.